14K Gold Fill FAQ

What is 14K Gold Fill? 14K gold fill is a high quality and affordable alternative to solid gold. There is a thick layer of solid gold bonded to a base metal, either sterling silver or brass. 14K gold fill can last a lifetime, but as with all jewelry the better it is taken care of, the longer it lasts!

What metals are used in our jewelry? All of our jewelry is handmade with 14K Gold Fill or .925 Sterling Silver.

Will my jewelry tarnish? All jewelry tarnishes at some point, but this does not mean it can’t return to being sparkly & shiny! If you feel like your jewelry is looking a little dull you can wipe it down with a polishing cloth

Will the rings turn my fingers green? No! Both 14K Gold Fill and .925 Sterling Silver are nickel free and hypo-allergenic. However, everyone reacts to metals differently.